StoryKieran Creevy & Lisa Paarvio • Dec 16, 2020

Wild Surf Tropical Spices and Hidden Coves

Whisky and Tacos on La Gomera on the eve of the Talisker Atlantic Challenge

StoryLukasz Warzecha • Nov 17, 2020

Feasting Outdoors with Pentire

It’s all about enjoying the simple things in life. Appreciating the range of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients available round you.

StoryBASE editorial team • Nov 12, 2020

Introducing the Pamir Trail

The Pamir Mountains are among the wildest, least visited mountain ranges in the world, but Tajikistan doesn’t have the fame of other mountain nations like Nepal or Peru.

StoryFrancesco Guerra • Nov 09, 2020

Alpine Restoration

A simple reminder of the power of walking in wild spaces for both mind and soul

StoryOliver France • Nov 05, 2020

The Slim Line Between Success and Catastrophe

How a life defining adventure turned into an adventurous career path for Oliver France

Lael at Antelope Wells, New Mexico, having just finished the 2100 mile Tour Divide race starting in Banff, Canada. © Rugile Kaladyte / komoot

StoryBASE editorial team • Oct 08, 2020

Pro Record: Lael Wilcox

Ultra-endurance bikepacking legend, Lael Wilcox explains her love of long days in the saddle through remote terrain, and her optimal route-planning tech for any adventure.

StoryFrancesco Guerra • Oct 07, 2020

Finding Equilibrium

Tension, struggle and balance in the Alburni Mountains of Italy

StoryTom Livingstone • Sep 03, 2020

The Danger Zone

Considering the risks, what motivates us towards high alpine mountaineering?

The wild tide race off Morte Point at the western extremity of North Devon’s Exmoor Coast in a Force 8 easterly gale, with the 4 knot ebb current running at full tilt. In local Devonian lore, Morte Point is ‘the place that God made last and the Devil will take first’, due to the numerous shipwrecks and fishing boat accidents that have occurred on the point. Unusually, there in no ‘inshore passage’ [an area of calmer water immediately offshore] off Morte Point, and the tide race breaks directly on the rocks. Not a place to be in wrong conditions, or without knowing which way the tide is flowing. © David Pickford

Story • Aug 27, 2020

Beyond the Amphidrome

An adventurer’s guide to tides and currents

Scale becomes redefined in the high desert where ‘vast’ takes on a whole new meaning.

StoryRob Ferguson • Aug 26, 2020

State of Change

Discovering the power of bikes for social change in New Mexico

Fabian Linge taking some big air off a small rock outcrop with the awe-inspiring Lofoten Island skyline in the background. Skiing from summit-to-sea is a frequent possibility in Arctic Norway.

StoryHamish Frost • Aug 05, 2020


Off-piste skiing in Arctic Norway

StoryKieran Creevy • Jul 24, 2020

Enchanted in the Caucasus

Proof that you can eat well in the mountains

StoryJan Bakker • Jul 21, 2020

A Muddy Walk through the Mountains of the Moon

Tales from deep within the UNESCO listed Rwenzoris mountain range.

StoryHarry Lusted • Jul 16, 2020

The Gatekeeper of Mt. Kenya

Fear and rejection on Africa’s second highest mountain

In a twist of irony, Dennis Beare (pictured) and the team discovered some of the best trails of their 8 day trip around Narwanda village, close to the Iran-Iraq border, despite many of the trails being surrounded by old legacy minefields from the Iran-Iraq war in the early 1980s.

StoryBASE editorial team • Jul 14, 2020

The Lost Trails of Zagros

Mountain bike exploration in Iraqi Kurdistan

Photo: © Trump Golf

StoryTony Butt • Jul 03, 2020

Sacrificing Nature for Golf

The inherent dangers of over-riding nature’s defence systems

StoryLena Drapella • Jun 26, 2020


The joys of discovering ‘backyard’ potential fresh out of lockdown

The view from the higher west summit of Mount Elbrus, looking down towards the slightly lower east summit.

StoryDavid Pickford • Jun 18, 2020

Titan of the Caucasus

A photo essay from the ascent of Mount Elbrus