The BASE Story

We started BASE because we felt there was a gap.

We’ve always respected those big and beautiful adventure journals and specialist mags but they didn’t represent us, our friends or our version of adventure.

Adventure can be thrilling, exhilarating and transformative but it’s not always easy to achieve. We passionately believe it should be accessible to everyone.

We felt there was a gaping hole for a title where we could find inspiration – but that backed it up with an understanding of the obstacles we all face when trying to live adventurous lives.

Somewhere we could find balanced tales of incredible feats with down-to-earth suggestions and guidance.

And one that looked good too.

After meeting on jobs working together as adventure film-makers, production and editorial experts on various projects around the world, we decided to combine our love of what adventure and the outdoors means to us.

We leaned on our years of experience, our friends, colleagues and our networks across the globe.

What started with the creation of a magazine, is now blooming into a more rounded multimedia, multiformat brand.

Early design concepts for BASE magazine

BASE is by adventurers and for adventurers of all levels: elite, emerging and in-between.

So through our magazine, our website, our films and other digital platforms, we share stories, information and ideas to help us all be more adventure-active.

Our aim is to be the only place you need to go for all things adventure.

Because adventure starts here at BASE.

The story goes on…