Review: Finisterre Skybird Waterproof Jacket

A stylish and robust waterproof jacket, perfect for urban use and wintry countryside walks.

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Published Feb 02, 2024

Author Elliot Denver

Elliot Denver A passionate runner and avid cyclist who has completed 2 ultra marathons and cycled all the way to Rome. To get outdoors more often, Elliot is converting a van into a campervan to live in full-time with his partner.


A stylish and robust waterproof jacket, perfect for urban use and wintery countryside walks. Offers excellent waterproofing, warmth and wind resistance.

Features Superior waterproofing and wind resistance; comfortable, sturdy construction; eye-catching ‘galactic blue’ colour and technical design


  • Highly waterproof
  • Stylish for urban wear
  • Warm and wind-resistant


  • Not as light and packable as specialist hiking jackets
  • Less suitable for strenuous activities
  • Limited colour options
  • The colour shows dirt easily


I already have a packable, waterproof jacket that I use for hiking. To complement that, I wanted a more heavyweight jacket for times when the weather is harsh. As such, it would most likely only be suitable for day trips. I was looking for something that would not only be functional during rainy urban commutes and leisurely countryside walks but also stylish enough to wear around town. It would not be a replacement for my lighter, more technical items.


I actually didn’t love the jacket when I first took it out the box. It rustled a lot and felt quite stiff. However as soon as I left the house, the jacket immediately impressed me. Its colour and technical style received plenty of compliments from friends and the sturdy construction gave a sense of durability and reliability in wet conditions.

the sturdy construction gave a sense of durability and reliability in wet conditions


Used mainly for city commuting and countryside walks, the jacket excelled in keeping me dry and warm thanks to its excellent water and windproofing. I used it during the UK’s incredibly wet and windy October and November and not once did it let me down. The jacket beads brilliantly and due to its heavy construction, I would always choose this jacket over my hiking jacket in torrential and sustained rain.

The hood is large enough to fit a cap or woolly hat under without feeling cavernous and the jacket has plenty of velcro and cinches to adjust the hem and wristbands to your body shape to keep the water out. It is worth noting that its heavier construction made it less ideal for more vigorous activities like cycling or hiking than my Outdoor Research Foray hiking jacket.


Ideal for someone seeking a waterproof jacket for urban use or leisurely outdoor activities. Perfect for those who prioritise both style and function in harsh weather conditions. It is not a suitable multi-day hiking jacket.



The jacket’s colour and shape are very appealing in urban settings.


Superior to lighter hiking jackets.


Heavier, more suited for non-strenuous activities in colder conditions. 

Not a jack-of-all-trades

Great for city life and gentle walks, not for intense outdoor sports.

Superior to lighter hiking jackets


Given its mid-range price and exceptional waterproofing qualities, this jacket offers great value, especially for those seeking a durable and stylish urban wet-weather solution.


The Men’s Skybird Waterproof Jacket is an excellent choice for city dwellers and casual outdoor enthusiasts. While it doesn’t replace the lightness of more technical jackets, it excels in waterproofing and style, making it a valuable addition for harsh weather conditions in urban environments or gentle countryside outings.

I have loved testing this jacket and I can 100% recommend it for the activities outlined above. Finisterre claims it packs easily into your rucksack which I disagree with but other than that, it absolutely lives up to its marketing claims. It is now a permanent fixture in my winter wardrobe.

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