Review: adidas Terrex Xperior Hybrid Rain.RDY 2.5 layer jacket

A lightweight, functional waterproof with a fantastic range of movement

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Published Dec 04, 2023

Author Alex Smith

Alex Smith BASE’s investment and growth guy Alex loves pushing his limits with Ironman and Ultra events. When he’s not testing his endurance, he’ll be seeking out the best ski-touring spots in the Alps.


Lightweight, functional waterproof with a fantastic range of movement.

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Features PFC-free water-repellent finish, recycled Materials, elasticated hood, cuffs and hem, lightweight 2.5-layer PRIMEKNIT RAIN.RDY


  • Feather-light and compact – impressively lightweight and packable
  • Excellent freedom of movement
  • Slim fit for a stylish silhouette for use around the city as well as out in the wilderness


  • Price: at £220, the jacket represents a considered purchase
  • Elasticated hood pulls over eyes a bit
  • Water-repellent coating: after after 4–5 months of wear the coat no longer beads but is still waterproof


The adidas Terrex Xperior Hybrid RAIN.RDY 2.5 layer jacket aligns well with my requirements for a summer mountain jacket or an all-round commuter coat. I prioritise lightweight, packable gear that doesn’t compromise on performance. Given the often unpredictable nature of weather during summer hiking trips, I value reliable storm protection. This jacket, with its eco-friendly construction, advanced waterproofing, and thoughtful design, checks all the boxes for a versatile rain jacket. 


adidas is a trusted name in the world of sports and outdoor gear, known for its innovation and style. They challenge the more traditional mountain brands through the use of sustainable materials and production techniques, and by creating lightweight products that are built for movement.   

Upon receiving the jacket, I was immediately impressed by the cut and style. It somehow has the perfect balance of looking well fitted and stylish, but leaves plenty of room for movement and an extra layer. The stretch fabric is a real win, adding an element of freedom to the jacket to the point that you can forget you’re wearing it. The subtle inclusion of a camouflage pattern across the shoulders and sides is also a unique addition that works well to differentiate a plain black jacket.   

The other eye-catching aspect is how compact and lightweight the jacket is. It folds up to the size of a pocket and is incredibly convenient to carry.

It somehow has the perfect balance of looking well fitted and stylish, but leaves plenty of room for movement


I put the Xperior jacket through its paces during various outdoor adventures. These included hiking on Dartmoor, exploring the Pyrenees, and a pack rafting trip in the Savoie Mont Blanc region.  

While these trips took place in summer, the ever-changing weather conditions presented a real challenge. The Pyrenees in particular can often catch you off guard if you don’t have the right kit. Despite temperatures reaching into the low thirties, downpours and violent thunder storms can be frequent and having a good waterproof is essential.

The coat was also used as my cycling jacket to commute in Bristol. The cycle is only 10-15 minutes each way, but as anyone that’s familiar with Bristol will know, that’s plenty of time for a healthy downpour and some strong gusts of wind. 


The Xperior RAIN.RDY jacket is marketed as being ‘designed for a body in motion’ and for ‘hikers who want to move with pace’. I think this is a very accurate description of the best use of the jacket – it’s best suited to faster-paced adventures, where weight, freedom of movement and performance are a top priority. To me, this includes but is not limited to, hiking, trail running, scrambling and cycling.  

Overall it offers a good degree of versatility, being suitable as a lightweight mountain summer waterproof, and as a stylish city commuter jacket.  


Eco-Friendly construction

The jacket’s 100% recycled nylon weave and the use of the PFC-free coating highlight Adidas’ dedication to reducing plastic waste and ticks the boxes for the more eco-conscious adventurer.


Unbeatable movement

The stretch fabric works incredibly well and permits a full range of motion, enhancing comfort during outdoor activities. 



Whilst the jacket seems to have maintained its ability to keep water out, there are some doubts over how long this will last given the water-repellent coating as deteriorated after 4-5 months.


Stylish design

The cut looks and feels different to the boxier cut that is often found with waterproof jackets and adds to the stealthy look of the coat. 


The stretch fabric works incredibly well and permits a full range of motion, enhancing comfort during outdoor activities


Priced at £220, the jacket is definitely a considered purchase. It has a lot going for it; it’s stylish and lightweight with decent performance, alongside one or two drawbacks – the overly elasticated hood and some questions over the longevity of the waterproofing. On balance, if style and fit is important to you, then it’s probably a worthwhile purchase, as the performance is definitely good enough. However, there are probably other options around that perform just as well, if not better, that might not look as good, but have a lower price tag


Despite one or two drawbacks, the Adidas Terrex Xperior Hybrid RAIN.RDY jacket has left a lasting impression and has become my go-to commuter jacket and my coat of choice for summer adventures.  It’s lightweight, compact, stylish and waterproof, proving to be a brilliant jacket to stash in your bag and is all I need for those situations where a shower comes in or the temperature drops. It also looks great and can work with a pair of jeans as well as some running shorts.  

Time will tell whether there is any decrease in waterproofing performance, as despite the water-repellent coating wearing off, the jacket still seems to be fully waterproof. With the unrestricted range of movement, it’s hard not to enjoy wearing it, whether it’s over a t-shirt or a down jacket.   

In summary, the Xperior lives up to its marketing, ticks a lot of the sustainability boxes and is a great all-round lightweight jacket.  

There’s no such thing as bad weather…

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