Review: ADIDAS TERREX Multi RAIN.RDY Jacket 

The straight forward waterproof and windproof shell

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Published Sep 28, 2022

Author Matthew Pink

Matthew Pink BASE’s brand head honcho is a denizen of the crag. He gorges on adventure culture, hankers for epic treks and grinds his gravel bike round the Bristol orbit.

Our Verdict

A fresh, light jacket apt for hiking and running adventures in changeable weather as well as whipping out for those pesky city showers.

Fabric RAIN.RDY 2 layer breathable waterproof
Materials Shell 100% recylcled
RRP £100


  • Water rolls off like a dream
  • Light as a raindrop and easily packable
  • Affordable with some great deals around
  • Stable hood in gusty conditions


  • No underarm zippers for ventilation
  • Lined jacket so warmer than most lightweight rain jackets
  • Reflectivity a bit lacking
  • No inside pocket or pouch

What I’m Looking For

Running in the rain can be great fun: exhilarating, cooling, refreshing and motivating all at the same time. Running during rainy patches in summer or the start of autumn with the smell of petrichor hanging in the air can be incredibly cathartic too.

But that said, if the gusts or headwind are too strong and winter’s grip is fierce, it can be less so. Good gear, as ever, makes the difference.

When it comes to rain jackets for the hotter end of the calorie-burning exercise spectrum, breathability is critical. I am not a man who likes clam. But I am a man who likes running in rain. So, therein lies a tension to resolve. 

My rain jackets for running, challenging hikes and when I’m bombing round Bristol on my bike, need to set any trapped air free, and quickly too. I’m almost certainly going to be backpacked up, so decent aeration will be doubly important. If I’ve got them, I’ll almost always have my pit zips open in all but the most brutal of winter winds. And speaking of winter again, it’s always more reassuring to have elements of strong reflectivity for those back country lane sections away from the bright lights of the cityscape.

I like a rain jacket loose and roomy enough that I can chuck it over a mid layer as the days shorten but one that is also equally at home over a T-shirt and against the skin where it doesn’t grind my gears with any flappy bulk.

Needless to say (is it?) it should be waterproof. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a jacket that has truly held out after sustained deluges, regardless of the brand or fabric.

In the last few years I’ve relied on my Patagonia Torrentshell for almost all of the above except for more serious temperature drops and, as much as I’ve loved it, it never really held its waterproofing promise completely and nor did it bestow thorough breathability. I’ve been looking for a new option for a while.

First Impressions

Light, bright, flexible and super soft to touch, I like how the Multi RAIN.RDY 2L immediately feels very packable indeed but retains no crease whatsoever when unfolded. The quality feels good, the fastenings neat and uncomplicated but I’m a little sceptical as to the fabric and how waterproof it will turn out to be, not yet being familiar with the RAIN.RDY own-brand adidas TERREX fabric. I’m reminded a little of the easy crumple but effective waterproofing of Paramo products.

The pockets are nice and spacious without being too deep and the size of the collar is striking, noticeably and obviously deliberately higher around the chin forming a barrier rendering any buff redundant. I wonder if this design will rub and catch on my stubble as some of my other rain jackets have done and whether it will be actually restrictive to the huffing and puffing that comes with the territory. 

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a jacket that has truly held out after sustained deluges

The Test

I’ve had this jacket with me on most days since the thick heat of summer 2022 broke here in the south west of England and was replaced by some dramatically tumultuous downpours and surprise showers when the sky couldn’t hold back September’s arrival. I’ve used it for short but very, very wet runs around Bristol city centre and harbourside as well as some hikes and trail runs in the Black Mountains where the weather flirted with being stable only to punctuate the hikes with sudden cloudbursts.

Who is this jacket for?

City and trail runners alike will murmur appreciatively, I think. But, if you’re like me, and tend to run hot, you might find the extra layer of mesh makes the jacket a little bulky. Even psychologically it has the effect of making you feel over-covered. It’s definitely useful to keep tucked away in a  backpack adding barely any extra weight to your load and ready to whip out if you’re caught in a shower either on the trail or in town. It looks equally at home in both environments, something which can be hard to pull off but TERREX tends to do rather well.

What Stands Out

Elastic hood rim

The clever elastic lining around the hood rim means it stays up even in the face of some serious gusts and the high collar means it is easily stowable although I prefer to keep it out all the time.


Whether inner city or on the hill, you’re in steady hands with this jacket. This versatility also applies to the fabric itself, easy to cram-pack and easy to throw on, it allows just about the right level of movement for your arms and upper body when running.


The additional lining is both a problem and a solution in that some will find the additional layer and internal mesh unnecessary bulk. However, it is exactly this combination that the product designers are saying delivers that essential breathability. I found it fine when running in heavy rain but when the temperature climbed back up over the 15 degree mark and the rain ebbed away, I did find it a little on the square side across the chest and just a mite restrictive as a result.

Value For Money

Pitched at the mid-level for a well-performing running rain jacket, there are actually some very good deals for the Multi RAIN.RDY 2L to be had if you sniff around. Ultimately this is a simple jacket aimed for simple adventure activities. Any technical embellishments are dialled down or simply not present. I think the price point effectively reflects this.

This is a simple jacket aimed for simple adventure activities

BASE Bottom Line

As the seasons shift between summer and autumn and likewise when those springtime showers start to show their face, this jacket will keep you dry and looking fresh on your runs around the block or out in the field. As long as you are happy with something uncomplicated and straightforward, this could be just the job.


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