Jan Bakker

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About Jan

Jan develops and promotes underrated and underexposed adventure destinations through his work as an expedition leader, guidebook author and outdoor tourism consultant in places like Iraqi Kurdistan, Tajikistan and Uganda, where he currently lives with his family.

  • Based: Uganda
  • Creative skills: Photography, Writing
  • Interests: Climbing, Mountaineering

When I plan to climb a mountain or a trek, it should be remote, obscure and almost unknown. I live for the exploration side of expeditions like these.

Recent articles from Jan

StoryJan Bakker • Dec 15, 2022

Connecting The Dots of The Pamir Trail

An exploratory trek along the southern Pamir mountains to create a long distance hiking trail across Tajikistan

StoryJan Bakker • Jul 27, 2022

Dusty Trails and Hidden Waterways

Bikerafting the wetlands of Mabamba Bay

StoryJan Bakker • Jul 21, 2020

A Muddy Walk through the Mountains of the Moon

Tales from deep within the UNESCO listed Rwenzoris mountain range.

StoryJan Bakker • Mar 03, 2020

Jigsaw of Broken Slate

Exploratory climbing on the roof of Azerbaijan


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