Review: Picture Organic Off Trax Waistpack

A versatile, durable and comfortable waistpack designed for off-road adventures

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Published Oct 23, 2023

Victoria Hatch Victoria is a multi-sport adventurer, unfortunately specialising mainly in type-2 fun. She thrives on pushing her limits, typically through ultramarathons, climbing and competitive ice swimming. Victoria works as a carbon consultant and likes to combine her passion for adventure and sustainability through writing and low carbon adventures.


A versatile and durable waistpack designed for off-road adventures, offering ample storage, thoughtful organisation, and a comfortable design.

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Features Rugged 150D ripstop with PU coating for durability, ergonomic and breathable EVA foam back panel for comfort, end-of-life upcycling concept to repurpose the pack, elastic mesh pockets for secure water bottle storage
Size 24 x 10.5 x 19cm
Volume 5l


  • Comfortable Design: The elasticated waist and adjustable clip provide a comfortable fit that moves with you whilst riding
  • Ample Volume: With a 5L volume, there’s enough room for bike tools, snacks, and a layer, and accommodating water bottles externally
  • Functional Compartments: The main compartment’s wide opening allows easy access, and the fleece-lined back pocket safeguards valuables


  • Elastic Durability: The elastic components, particularly the waist pouch, might wear out over time with extensive use
  • Limited Small Item Storage: The small elastic pouch on the waist is too small for most items and is not secure, suggesting room for improvement in utility
  • Internal Elastic Bindings: Elastic bindings for tools are effective when the bag is full but less secure when it’s less packed


As I test this waistpack, my main focus is on finding comfort and functionality that suits various riding styles. I’m interested in its durability, organisation, and eco-friendly features, but what matters most to me is how well it performs during rides and whether it can handle varying loads.

Comfort is a significant factor. I need a pack that moves smoothly with me and doesn’t cause discomfort by pressing too much on my stomach while I ride. On top of that, accessibility is key. Whether I’m switching sunglasses or grabbing a quick snack, I want to be able to effortlessly access the pack’s contents without stopping. This means the pack should be easy to rotate and get things out with one hand while I’m on the move.


Upon initial inspection, the Off Trax Waistpack presents a robust design with a lovely, subtly feminine touch in its pink hue. The potential for both comfort and functionality can be seen in the bag’s construction and layout. I’m curious about the lifetime repair warranty and upcycling concept, and I’m keen to test its overall use.


I was really eager to see how this waistpack would perform across different terrains, so I started taking it along on all my rides in the Lake District. From gentle gravel trails to bumpy mountain bike tracks, it handled the off-road conditions well. I was curious about its performance while using drop bars, so I used it on some mid-distance road rides and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it felt, even in that riding position. Throughout my rides, I had my eye on three key aspects: the waistpack’s stability, its usability, and overall comfort.

Conditions during testing were quite varied, with both warm sunny weather and short stints of apocalyptic rain – sometimes even on the same ride, which is pretty typical for the Lake District! Needless to say, this bag wasn’t going to stay mud-free for long, but it wiped down nicely and everything stayed dry inside.

I used it on some mid-distance road rides and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it felt


The Off Trax Waistpack caters to adventure-seeking riders who venture off the beaten path. Whether on gravel, mountain, or road, those who value comfort, and practicality will find this waistpack a worthy companion. It doesn’t have space for a water bladder, and the the lack of waist pockets means that this waist pack is better suited to day rides than touring.


Tailored Comfort

The bag’s ergonomic design, coupled with its elasticated waist and adjustable clip, guarantees a comfortable fit that accommodates diverse body types and riding preferences.

Smart Storage

With multiple storage solutions, this bag includes a spacious main compartment, a fleece-lined pocket close to the body, an elasticated waist pocket, and practical water bottle holders on its sides.

Adaptable Versatility

Whether you’re carrying a light load or fully packing for your adventure, this bag is able to transform—remaining manageable when low on capacity, yet maintaining stability when filled to the brim.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The bag boasts an appealing colour palette and a fun design.


The Off Trax Waistpack offers a comfortable and versatile riding accessory that can accompany you on most rides. Being affordable among other waist packs on the market, it represents great value for money considering it can be used frequently.


The Picture Off Trax Waistpack effectively combines style, functionality, and comfort for off road riders. The waistpack met my expectations well. It accommodated my riding essentials, offering ample storage and smart organisation options; capably holding everything I needed for a day of riding. The elastic components however could be sturdier, and the absence of zippered pockets on the waistband was a missed opportunity for added utility. I was very impressed with the comfort of the bag and how it seemed to move with me as I breathed on the move. 

The Off Trax Waistpack lives up to its promise as a ‘technical waistpack for adventure riding off the beaten path’ – though I think it is better suited to day rides than touring. 

I highly recommend this waistpack for those in need of a functional, comfortable, and reasonably priced riding bag. Its practicality and comfort make it a worthwhile investment and the generous storage and rider-friendly design mean you’ll certainly get a lot of use out of the bag. The Off Trax Waistpack overall offers good overall performance for most riding scenarios.

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