Review: Montane Minimus Lite Women’s Jacket

A lightweight, race-compatible and compact waterproof running jacket

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Published Jul 12, 2023

Victoria Hatch Victoria is a multi-sport adventurer, unfortunately specialising mainly in type-2 fun. She thrives on pushing her limits, typically through ultramarathons, climbing and competitive ice swimming. Victoria works as a carbon consultant and likes to combine her passion for adventure and sustainability through writing and low carbon adventures.


A lightweight and compact waterproof running jacket with fully seam-taped construction, and adjustable hood. Utilising Pertex® Shield fabric ensures the jacket is breathable and moves away from your skin when running.

Weight 200g
Features Low weight and compact size, stretchy 20D Pertex® Shield fabric, fully taped seams, adjustable hood


  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for running
  • Fast-drying material
  • Pertex® membrane moves away from the skin for better comfort


  • Durable Water Repellent finish (DWR) is unable to provide adequate protection in heavy downpours
  • Unable to fit insulated layers underneath the jacket
  • Less durable than heavier alternatives


I’m looking for a running-specific jacket which can provide reliable protection for long trail runs and days on the fells. Taped seams are essential, both for waterproofing of the product but also as this jacket needs to meet the required kit list standard for races.

The jacket should feel natural to run in, especially under a running vest, and have good breathability. I want this jacket to be reliable in the rain, but packability and size is a crucial element for me in a running jacket, as it will (hopefully) spend more time being carried in my pack, than actually being worn. 

Although running jackets tend to be fairly minimalist in order to keep weight low, I would still like some adjustability so I can tailor the fit to my preference and the weather. Finally, I like to see bright colours available so I can be visible to traffic.


Coming in at just 200g, I knew this jacket would be minimal, but holding it in person really highlighted just how lightweight and compact it is. Even though it has 2.5-layer construction, the fabric is noticeably soft and stretchy, and I was pleased to see two good-sized hand pockets.

A close fit is designed for this jacket, but I was still able to fit a midlayer underneath. I really like the ‘Saffron Red’ shade of the jacket; it is bright and highly visible.

I want this jacket to be reliable in the rain, but packability and size is a crucial element for me


Although the Montane Women’s Minimus Lite Waterproof Jacket is designed for running, I also put it to the test on bike rides and whilst canoeing. The jacket has accompanied me running on stormy Welsh coastal trails and during torrential Lake District downpours. 

I was impressed with how fast the jacket dried, and it performed well even after multiple soakings and dryings. It did get overwhelmed in heavy rain and it felt like the arms of the jacket were stuck to you, however it’s worth noting that I didn’t get wet or cold from this effect.

I was impressed with how fast the jacket dried, and it performed well even after multiple soakings and dryings

It was a great layer to keep stashed in my pack, and to pull out as an extra layer when you needed it. I liked that you could keep the pockets open for ventilation and breathability whilst moving. I was frustrated that the elasticated cuffs were too narrow for me to comfortably push up to my elbows.


The Montane Women’s Minimus Lite Waterproof Jacket is designed for fell runners who prioritise moving fast and light. 

This jacket is ideal for use in warm weather and for being stashed in your pack as an emergency waterproof. As the jacket is close fitting, wearing multiple layers would feel restrictive, so I would want to wear something more substantial if I was moving slower in the cooler months.  

While designed as a running jacket, it also performs well for cycling and various outdoor activities in warm weather either in light rain or as an extra layer when resting.



The lightweight material means the jacket is compact to pack in your bag, but this means the jacket is less durable than a heavier alternative. 

Adjustable hood

The hood is fully adjustable with three points of adjustment, for a minimalistic jacket, it’s nice to have some structure in the hood.


Stretch material

The stretchy fabric feels natural to move in and isn’t “crinkly” like many waterproofs. The Pertex® membrane effectively moves the jacket away from the skin when you run, and the jacket is fast to dry.

2.5 layer construction with a DWR finish

Effective for light rain showers, but not designed to withstand heavy rain.


If you are looking for ways to cut down on weight and space whilst still having quality kit, this jacket is well worth the money. It’s certainly for those wanting to move fast and light and would not be suitable as a day-to-day waterproof.


The Montane Women’s Minimus Lite Waterproof Jacket is a lightweight and compact option suitable for fell runners who prioritise speed and agility. The jacket’s standout features are its low weight, soft and stretchy fabric, taped seams for waterproofing, and an adjustable hood.

During testing, the jacket performed well in various outdoor activities, including running, cycling, and canoeing. Well suited for warm weather conditions, it was effortless to carry as an emergency waterproof layer stashed in a pack. The fast-drying capability of the jacket was particularly impressive, as it held up even after multiple soakings and dryings.

While the Minimus Lite struggled in heavy rain, it did manage to keep me comfortable, despite the feeling of the arms sticking to the body. The jacket’s close fit still allowed for the addition of a mid-layer underneath when needed. The pockets provided good ventilation when left open, and the bright and highly visible ‘Saffron Red’ colour was a nice option.

In terms of construction, the adjustable hood, with its three points of adjustment, added some structure to the minimalist design. The lightweight and stretchy nature of the jacket made it easy to pack and move in. However, it’s worth noting that this lightweight design comes at the expense of durability compared to heavier alternatives. 

Considering its performance, the Montane Women’s Minimus Lite Waterproof Jacket is worth the price tag for those looking to reduce weight and save space. It lives up to its marketing claims as a fast and light option for outdoor activities in warm weather conditions. However, it may not be the best choice for day-to-day use or colder months when layering is required.

Overall, I would recommend the Montane Women’s Minimus Lite Waterproof Jacket to individuals seeking a lightweight and versatile waterproof option for their fast-paced outdoor adventures, provided they understand its limitations in heavy rain and colder temperatures.

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