Review: Ticket To The Moon Moonblanket Compact

A highly versatile and multi-purpose synthetic quilt that offers great value for money

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Published Jun 28, 2023

Victoria Hatch Victoria is a multi-sport adventurer, unfortunately specialising mainly in type-2 fun. She thrives on pushing her limits, typically through ultramarathons, climbing and competitive ice swimming. Victoria works as a carbon consultant and likes to combine her passion for adventure and sustainability through writing and low carbon adventures.

Our Verdict

The Moonblanket Compact by Ticket To The Moon is a highly versatile and multi-purpose synthetic quilt that offers great value for money. Its unique design allows for various applications, whether you need a cosy quilt for camping or an insulated layer to wear. This versatility ensures that you’ll get maximum use out of this quilt, making it a smart investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

RRP €124.95 (£107.60)
Weight 800g
Size 205 x 135cm
Features 20D Crinkle Nylon outer, 70D Crinkle Nylon inner, 100% RPET Ecodown® insulation, mid zip converts into poncho


  • Versatile functionality for different outdoor activities
  • Ecodown® is made of 100% recycled fibers from post-consumer plastic bottles
  • 70D Crinkle Nylon outer material provides mildew and water resistance


  • Limited temperature range for use as a sleeping bag
  • Bulkier due to the synthetic nature of the quilt and materials used


I’m looking for a multi-purpose quilt that is comfy, suitable for spring/summer temperatures, and can be used for lots of different activities. The quilt will need to withstand regular use in diverse environments, so I’m looking for synthetic insulation and durable material.

For sleeping purposes, I need a quilt suitable for milder months. It should be capable of handling morning dew and drying quickly if it becomes damp. Roominess is important for me in a quilt, especially when used in conjunction with a sleeping mat. I intend to use it in a tent, a bivy bag, and hammock, so adaptability to different sleeping setups is key. In addition to these practical features, I like gear that brings style and fun to my outdoor adventures. Bright colours and thoughtful design elements mean I can use products outside of my adventures in ‘real life’ and really get the most out of them.

Finally, sustainability is a crucial factor for me. I value long-lasting gear made from low carbon and ethical materials – I aim to reduce my environmental impact and support brands that share this commitment!


Immediately, I was drawn to the colours of the Moonblanket Compact, navy on outside, then blue and green panels on the reverse with an orange pocket. I also appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of storage bags made from material offcuts for both home storage and transportation of the quilt.

The quilt features a durable outer material of 70D Crinkle Nylon and utilises Ecodown® insulation crafted from 100% recycled PET bottles. Its unique design includes a midpoint zip that allows it to be worn as a garment, along with a pocket and footbox buttons for securing the quilt around you – it was much more effective than I initially envisioned.

I value long-lasting gear made from low carbon and ethical materials


The Moonblanket Compact quickly became a staple on my adventures whether I was hanging out with friends, slacklining in the park, or playing music by the lake where the quilt served as a cosy blanket for cooler evenings. Its versatility shone through as I often wore it on my walks home or back to the car, adding a layer of warmth and comfort. During an evening swim at a tarn, the quilt was convenient to wear whilst changing and provided a warm layer for after the swim and during the subsequent walk. Its compact size made it more practical to carry in my backpack compared to my bulkier change robe.

the quilt was convenient to wear whilst changing and provided a warm layer for after the swim

Whilst camping, I encountered a chilly night with temperatures dropping to 7°C. Despite the quilt’s comfort rating of 5°C, being a cold sleeper, I found it challenging to stay warm and had a restless night. However, the following week presented a more favourable scenario, with temperatures around 15°C, ideal conditions for sleeping under the quilt. Using it with my sleeping pad, I particularly enjoyed placing the mat in the footbox and securing the quilt around it using the elastic bands, this meant that the quilt had more room than a typical sleeping bag, but I was still secured within it. The elastic drawstrings at the top and bottom kept the quilt snug around my shoulders.

While the quilt is primarily designed as a top quilt, I really does work perfectly in hammocks, especially when paired with an under quilt.


The Moonblanket Compact is designed for the everyday adventurer seeking a versatile companion for their outdoor pursuits. It caters to those who spend lots of time outside and prioritise a product that offers adaptability. With its vibrant and fun design, this quilt appeals to those who appreciate gear that adds a touch of style and enjoyment to their adventures. Whether you’re a swimmer, camper, hammock enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys spending time in nature, the Moonblanket Compact is an excellent choice to keep you warm, comfortable, and ready for any adventure.



The quilt’s colourful and unique design features a zip that transforms it into a wearable garment, while the snap buttons keep it secure and ideal to wear whilst on the move.

Footbox Design

The well-designed footbox keeps the blanket properly oriented, whether it’s used as a hammock top quilt or paired with a sleeping mat inside. The quilt is equipped with draw cords at the top and bottom, allowing for easy adjustment and ensuring a snug fit tailored to your preference.


The quilt utilises Ecodown® insulation, synthetic fibres made from recycled plastic bottles.


Considering its versatility and multitude of uses, this product offers good value for money. It’s usefulness as a quilt, combined with the fun colours and wearable design mean that you are getting a product you will use a lot at a fair price tag


The Moonblanket Compact, crafted by Ticket To The Moon, truly lives up to its versatile reputation. This multipurpose piece of gear serves as a changing robe, sleeping bag, cosy layer, and even a top quilt for hammocks. It’s perfect for milder weather conditions, featuring a durable 70D Crinkle Nylon outer shell and filled with Ecodown® insulation made entirely from recycled PET bottles. However, it’s worth noting that due to the synthetic materials used, it may not be the lightest or most compact option available if you prioritise a ‘fast and light’ approach.

Throughout testing, the Moonblanket Compact showcased its adaptability and practicality. It easily transformed from a cosy blanket during outdoor hangouts, slacklining sessions, and lakeside music gatherings to a convenient wearable layer, providing an extra layer of warmth on walks back home or to the car. For camping, the quilt performed well for me when the temperature was in double-digits. the official ‘comfort rating’ is 5°C, I would use this as a reference point for the limit and I would recommend using it in warmer conditions if you’re a cooler sleeper like myself.

Considering the limited warm months in the UK, the true value of this quilt lies in its versatility, particularly its wearable design. It sees much more use than expected, making it a worthwhile investment for your summer adventures.

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