Review: SunGod Vulcans Sunglasses

Technical, practical and fun. The Vulcans do what they are supposed to do, and they do it really well.

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Published Jan 03, 2023

Author Jess Donald

Jess Donald Jess has helped to project manage several international sporting events and now works to make these events and venues more sustainable. She lives in Chamonix, where nature and adventure are on the doorstep, driving her to work towards a more sustainable future.

Our Verdict

Lightweight and comfortable sunglasses – perfect for multisports enthusiasts and, well, anyone active!

RRP £150
Features Hydroleophobic 8KO™ lenses, screwless hinges, impact and scratch-resistant, customisable, lifetime guarantee


  • Zero movement or slippage when running (even when sweaty!)
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Wide, wrapping lenses provide all-round sun protection
  • Solid and super-protective case


  • Aesthetics – the black rims are a bit ‘heavy looking’, although they are customisable
  • Removable bottom rim is tricky to remove

What I’m Looking For

I run and hike a lot, so ultimately what I’m looking for is a pair of sunglasses that offer good protection and stay put on my face. They need to be comfortable and lightweight so I can wear them for several hours at a time.  Living in the mountains, I need the lens need to be high-quality to protect me from the strong sun and glare from the snow too.

First Impressions

The colour of the lenses is INSANE, I couldn’t wait to try them out! SunGod give you the option to customise the Vulcans, as with other models in their range such as the Ultras.

When you take them out of the box they feel light and well structured, and the case itself is rugged and tough to protect your specs. Toughness aside, the case and box are also aesthetically very exciting to open – I would definitely give these as a gift.

they feel light and well structured, and the case itself is rugged and tough to protect your specs

The Test

I hiked and ran in these sunglasses in the Alps from the end of summer into autumn.  The main test for the Vulcans was how much they would move during a run, and they always stayed in place, even on the downhills. On the top of my head, they gripped to my hair or a running headband perfectly too.

The Vulcans were thoroughly tested during hikes when I needed to scramble up rocky sections and be able to confidently look down – their grip held.  For both runs and hikes the glasses were comfortable throughout.

Who are these sunglasses for?

The Vulcans would suit anybody with an active lifestyle, but they are especially perfect for multisport athletes and adventurers; they move seamlessly between hiking, running, climbing, cycling, ski touring… and the rest.  These sunglasses are hugely versatile as well as light, so can be taken on almost any adventure.  Bonus – the robust case allows them to live at the bottom of a rucksack for weeks and not get damaged.

What stands out?


The first thing you notice about the Vulcans is how lightweight they feel, in your hand and on your face.

Coverage and Clarity

The full coverage lenses and clarity of vision are the real game changers, particularly in strong sun conditions like the Alps.


The Vulcans fit well and stay put even on downhills and bumpy terrain. Combined with their weightlessness it’s often easy to forget you have them on.

Tricky Rims

The only thing I have not mastered yet with the Vulcans is removing the lower rim, it does not come off easily and I’m a bit nervous I’m going to break the sunglasses. Which brings me to…


The Vulcans are fully customisable on the SunGod website so you can choose the perfect lens, icons and earsocks, as well as the frames which are available as a top frame only, full frame or convertible version. I personally think without the full black border the aesthetics are softer and nicer, but I found removing the lower frame to be a bit fiddly.


Value for money

At £150 these are at the slightly higher end of my price range. Although their technical qualities, weightless feel and durability make them worth the price generally, for me personally, the aesthetics of the black outer rim means I wouldn’t choose to wear them for ‘everyday’ or less technical occasions – a day on the beach for instance.

The convertibility from full-frame which is geared towards mountain biking, to top frame, most suitable for road biking and running, does add to the value too. So, whilst they cost a little more than I’d like to pay for sunnies for every occasion, they definitely have you covered for all your outdoor activities.

their technical qualities, weightless feel and durability make them worth the price

BASE Bottom Line

These sunglasses are technical, practical and fun. They do what they are supposed to do, and they do it really well.

The Vulcans provide great protection, clear vision, are lightweight and extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend these as activewear sunglasses for hikers, bikers, runners and scramblers, and those who want to transition between them all! Overall, an excellent product.

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