Review: Quoc Gran Tourer XC Shoe

A premium quality shoe for mixed terrain and riders with performance in mind

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Published Nov 28, 2023

Author Sam Firth

Sam Firth Sam is an outdoor, sports and lifestyle photographer based in Devon. He feels most at home outdoors whether that’s on a bike, on foot or on a rock face.


A premium shoe both in terms of look and build that’s great for mixed terrain and is great for riders with performance in mind.

Features Dual Quoc Technology Dials for a precision fit, abrasion-resistant microfiber upper, rubber toe cap protection, replaceable TPU spike for grip


  • Durable
  • Great power transfer
  • Great styling and premium look
  • High quality materials and build quality


  • Could be better for hike-a-bike
  • Expensive


As someone who does all kinds of riding and often goes from road to gravel on a ride, I’m looking for a shoe that is comfortable, hardwearing and versatile. The shoe needs to be able to seamlessly transition through different terrains and environments. 

It’s also a massive plus for me if I’m able to walk comfortably in them when I hit a section of unrideable terrain or just want to pop into a cafe to grab a coffee.


My first impressions of the Quoc Grand Tourer XC were that they both look and feel great. The styling of the shoe is just what I like, sleek and minimal. Additionally the build quality and materials feel top notch. Quoc uses an abrasion resistant microfibre for the upper and a carbon composite/TPU for the sole. I’m interested in seeing how the shoe performs and what the balance is like between comfort and performance.

When initially trying them on the fit was great for me, I went for my usual size after speaking to the really helpful customer service team for some advice. I also feel like my feet are quite wide and often find cycling shoes quite narrow but these fit really well and provide plenty of room.

the build quality and materials feel top notch


I’ve worn these shoes on pretty much every ride I’ve been on since I received them. The biggest test being a 90k gravel ride in the Shropshire Hills that included some big hills, some technical descents and some forest trails. 

Quoc mentions that ‘the carbon midsole provides unrivalled stiffness for racing’ and I definitely felt this during my rides. The shoe has great power transfer and I could easily generate power both on climbs and flat sections. Despite them being aimed more towards performance, they were still comfortable during all my rides and were nice and breathable during some really warm weather. As someone who isn’t too bothered about performance and racing I would prefer them to be a bit less stiff and a bit more flexible. However if performance is your thing then these will be a great choice!

During a few rides there was the odd short section of hike-a-bike and whilst I wouldn’t want to walk far in them, they definitely worked well for short stints of walking. The dual dial closure worked really well and was great for getting a nice snug and even fit. The only downside being that if you want to loosen the shoe a little you have to completely release the mechanism and then re-tighten to the desired fit. It’s also great to see that the dials can be replaced if they break, which helps improve the life of the shoe.

Overall the shoe feels solid and have really impressed me in terms of their durability. Even after some abuse during my rides they don’t seem to show much wear.


The Quoc Grand Tourer XC is a great choice for cyclists who do a lot of riding on mixed terrain and have performance in mind. Additionally if you are after a stylish, premium looking shoe with high quality materials they are a great option.



These shoes look really premium and have a nice minimal and clean styling to them.



The carbon composite outsole gives a nice level of stiffness and gives great power transfer.


Build Quality

The shoes build quality is great, they feel really robust and durable.



These shoes were comfortable straight out of the box for me and continued to be so on all the rides I wore them on.


These shoes look really premium and have a nice minimal and clean styling to them


At £240 these shoes aren’t cheap however the shoe does feel and look premium and comes with some premium features such as the carbon composite midsole and dual dials. 

This definitely isn’t a shoe for everyone but if it’s in your budget and you want something that both looks and performs great then I’d recommend the Quoc Grand Tourer XC.


The Quoc Grand Tourer XC is a premium all-terrain shoe with performance in mind. It boasts some impressive features, looks great and is really comfortable for all day riding.

Additionally the shoe feels really durable and the abrasion-resistant microfibre really impressed me and with the addition of replaceable parts I think it’s a great choice and can definitely see them lasting a long time.

If you are looking for a shoe that is more geared towards comfort and is great to walk in, this shoe might not be for you.

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