Five Tips For Epic Adventure Photography

How to get that perfect action shot, even on your phone!

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Published Jun 19, 2023

Base editorial team
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How do you capture the perfect action shot?

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to any genre of photography, but throw in a heart-pumping location, lung-busting effort, speed, motion, wild weather and challenging light conditions and it’s easy to see why adventure photography is a completely different beast! There might be an element of chance to getting that magazine cover-worthy shot, but according to professional adventure sports photographer Saskia Dugon, there are a handful of things you can do to make sure you’re in with a fighting chance of getting that epic capture!

Check out the video below from BASE studios for Saskia’s insider know-how to get you snapping the sickest shots possible, even on your phone. Here’s a quick run-down:

Get the light right

Play around with angles until you find the best light possible. Walk around your subject and snap away, or you could even shoot a video.

Find a unique perspective

Use a fixed focal length on your phone or camera and learn how things look at different distances.

Be bang on time

It’s crucial to know the sport you’re shooting, where you need to be and when. Don’t leave it all up to luck!

Push the right buttons

Get to know the settings on your camera… intimately! Knowing the finer features of your camera’s inner workings means you’re better equipped to get the best capture. You don’t have to have a camera for this – there are apps available for phones that simulate these functions and can help you to learn about them.

Practise makes perfect

We know, it sounds obvious. The only real way to nail your adventure photography technique is just to DO IT. Which means going out on more adventures, right? Winning.

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