5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Paddleboard

Expert advice for keeping your SUP in top condition

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Published Apr 26, 2023

Base editorial team
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Wetsuit? Check. Paddle? Check. Post-SUP snacks? Check. But do you know how to look after your board properly when you’re not out on the water?

Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively accessible activity that has rocketed in popularity in recent years. Whether you’re into it for a chilled out day on the lake, or a SUP is an integral part of your gnarly multi-sport adventures, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do if you want to prolong the life of your board. From storing, inflating, cleaning and waxing, our new video from BASE Studios presented by aquatic adventurer extraordinaire Ian Townshend talks you through the fundamentals of paddle board care.

Here’s a breakdown of the five major things to remember if you want to show your SUP some love:

1. Pressurise precisely

Inflating your paddle board correctly and carefully minimises the risk of damage over time. Confused about pressures? Ian explains the perfect PSI for your paddle board.

2. Give your board a bath

Cleaning your board right depending on the water type it has been in with a few common household items will really help to keep it in good nick.

3. Wax on? Wax off?

Using wax isn’t always necessary, especially on boards with built-in traction pads. But is there ever a time when you need to wax up your SUP?

4. Let me down gently

…on flat ground that’s free of sharp objects, and watch out for other people around you!

5. Store correctly

Leaving your board partially inflated in the long-term can help keep the fabric from deforming and degrading.


For more top tips, safety information and a SUP essentials comprehensive kit list, check out this feature by SUP guide and instructor and paddle sports aficionado, Claire Rutter.

For more expert guides, how-to’s and rough, tough gear testing, hit the subscribe button on the BASE YouTube channel!

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