Skateboarding For All

A Land For Everyone celebrates a shared loved of the outdoors, adventure and skateboarding

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Published Oct 21, 2022

Photographer Hannah Bailey

Base editorial team
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‘A land in skateboarding, is to do a trick successfully, and this land – the outdoors, skateboarding and adventure – is for everyone.’

The new short film A Land For Everyone by Rachel Sarah follows skateboard and adventure photographer Hannah Bailey and skateboarder Lyndsay McLaren through the wild, winding roads of Torridon as they explore the belief that ‘respect, protect and share’ applies in the outdoors, skateboarding, sport, the land, and everyday humanity.

You can watch the full film, and see images from it below:

Exploring themes of inclusivity, acceptance and the fragility of our environment, Hannah and Lyndsay revisit and reclaim the highlands and lowlands of their youth. Through exploration on foot and four wheels, they challenge perspectives and demonstrate that you don’t have to fit the stereotypical narrative for what a skateboarder or outdoors person looks or acts like, to embrace everything that the land has to offer.

As women who grew up in Scotland, Hannah and Lyndsay’s teenage selves never imagined a career in skateboarding would be possible. The film is a nod to their childhoods and the journeys they have been on ever since – sharing their passion with a common goal of inviting more people into the spaces they love.

The film first premiered at Adventure Uncovered Film Festival in Bristol earlier this month and will be screened at Kendal Mountain Festival later this year.

The project, which has been a ten year dream in the making from the pages Hannah’s notebook, was supported by MPB, a buy, sell and trade platform for photographic and video equipment that aims to make kit more accessible and affordable, in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

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