Review: Speedo Women’s Long Sleeve Swimsuit

A bright and colourful long sleeve swimsuit designed for protection against all the outdoor elements

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Published Nov 23, 2023

Author Evie Butler

Evie Butler Evie is a UK-based adventurer, personal trainer and traveller. She can be found out hiking in the hills, skiing or snowboarding on the mountains, swimming in open waters and running around new cities. You name an activity, and she’ll happily get stuck in. An avid outdoorswoman with a passion for veganism, sustainability and exploraration.

A bright and colourful long sleeve swimsuit designed for protection against all the outdoor elements.

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Features Bold colours, high coverage to the arms and chest, front zip opening, 100% chlorine resistance


  • Long sleeved protection against the cold
  • Bold design
  • Durable zip


  • Open back – allows water in
  • Pricing could be an issue for some


I’m looking for a long sleeved swimsuit that’s going to keep me warm during the winter but protect me from the sun when I’m out on my paddle board. Having long arms also gives me a little bit of peace of mind. It’s the same when I go into open waters, if I have my swim socks on and my arms covered, it makes me feel more protected from the elements and mentally I feel confident to just get in and swim.

During the winter periods, I’m still getting out for some open water swims, and the long sleeved costumes definitely give more protection against the temperature. I want a costume that also fits and keeps me secure. I find costumes at the moment come up really high on the hips, almost exposing you – which isn’t very practical when you’re swimming in the open water. I want that fashionability of the colours but the practicality of being able to swim comfortably and with coverage.


Firstly, I want to say how amazing the colours are on this swimsuit, it stands out and I love it. When I take part in swimming events, I feel you either disappear into a wall of wetsuits or that most swimsuits just don’t stand out. 

It certainly is a stylish design and I feel like I could use this on most of my water activities: swimming outdoors, getting on my SUP or just keeping warm while dipping. It’s also super impressive that one of the yarns in the Eco Endurance+ fabric is made from 100% post-consumer waste, such as recycled plastic bottles – brands are slowly trying to make conscious choices with their products. 

It really fits around the hip area, which is a nice surprise. My concerns around the high hip area in swimsuits often stops me being able to use certain costumes. This fits modestly around the lower half of my body, and it felt like it was going to stay put during the higher intensity swim events or activities. The only thing I was concerned about was the open back style. It is quite an exposed space that you’ve got to feel confident baring, and I was slightly worried that all the cold water would coming rushing in when dipping outdoors – but only testing will tell!

I was slightly worried that all the cold water would coming rushing in when dipping outdoors – but only testing will tell!


Taking the swimsuit out into the cold lochs and rivers of Scotland was a perfect way to see if it was going to keep me sufficiently covered and warm, particularly focusing on a specific trip to explore a local waterfall on a cold autumn day to see how well it would adapt and protect me against the power of the falls. 

Often with a bit of a larger chest, I find that zips don’t stay up – but I’ve never had issue with Speedo swimsuits and their zips coming undone at all. Once zipped up, you are locked into the suit until you are finished with your activity. There’s also a zip lining at the top so you don’t feel any discomfort. This design is also really easy to get off and unzips easily. 

Taking the first few steps into the water, as I started to submerge my initial concerns came through with the water immediately coming down the back of the suit. I don’t suffer too badly in cold water, but sometimes it does take me a while to adjust depending on the temperature. You definitely do have to be prepared for the whoosh of water filling up and hitting the exposed section of your back! 

For the rest of the swim, I felt sufficiently protected and my whole upper body and my arms felt warm – sleeves really do make such a big difference.

Because of the bright colours of this design, it stands out well in the water, so I know that I wouldn’t get lost if anyone was trying to spot me in swimming events. A great plus side of the awesome design. The costume dried very quickly after swimming which is always nice so it’s ready to go for the next swim!


This swimsuit is perfect for outdoor swimmers, indoor swimmers and anyone taking part in water activities that want that extra coverage. 

It’s a design for those who want to stand out in a crowd, but have extra protection on their upper body. Although they would need to feel confident in themselves owing to the open back on the costume. I’m still not sure I’m fully comfortable with the backless design, but I am going to keep trying as it’s a really well-fitting swimsuit otherwise. 

This is also a great swimsuit for those who do paddle sports, and perhaps want protection from the sun when out on the water for an extended period of time. 



The stand out colour – you can’t deny this is an awesome looking swimsuit!



High quality material, you know this is going to last a long time.



A super great fit and soft material makes a comfortable wear. 



The long sleeved design offers protection from the cold and environmental elements.

you can’t deny this is an awesome looking swimsuit!


You might be wondering how such a small piece of material can possibly be worth £60 full price, and there certainly are cheaper long sleeved swimsuits on the market, but you can’t deny that Speedo puts effort into their material, design and durability. 

I would always go to Speedo for durable and well fitting swimsuits, I know that when I use one, I’m going to use it on every occasion I can until I’ve worn it into the ground. For me, it’s worth the price tag – and if you go NOW, it’s on sale for £48!


The Speedo Women’s Long Sleeve Swimsuit is certainly an impressive swimsuit on first initial impressions. My only concern is the open back, where water can come rushing in, so be prepared for that! With great colour, design, comfortable fit and protection against the elements – it’s certainly one to consider for your water activities.

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