Review: Osprey Sojourn Porter 46L Travel Pack

This is a great bag for backpackers and travellers who want to keep things hand luggage only!

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Published Feb 22, 2024

Author Evie Butler

Evie Butler Evie is a UK-based adventurer, personal trainer and traveller. She can be found out hiking in the hills, skiing or snowboarding on the mountains, swimming in open waters and running around new cities. You name an activity, and she’ll happily get stuck in. An avid outdoorswoman with a passion for veganism, sustainability and exploraration.


This is a backpack for those who travel at least pretty frequently. It doubles nimbly as an occasional day pack but mainly suits those who prefer a hand luggage-only trip.  

FEATURES Sustainable & durable build, stowaway bag straps, hand luggage size, laptop sleeve, AirScape backpanel


  • 3 pockets, more spaces to spread out valuables
  • Durable material
  • Unisex design


  • Straps are hard to pack away
  • Not compliant on all flights for hand luggage


Basically – a rucksack to travel and take as hand luggage on planes (ie that airlines accept!) to help with avoiding baggage fees and at the same time to be easily accessible. I want one that’s easy to pack away in the holds and carry but also comfortable for day trips.


I was excited when this bag turned up, especially to try it out on some imminent flights.

After recently using other bags with just one large compartment, seeing the extra zips and possibilities for separation and a more organised packing system was awesome. I was curious to see how easy it would be to pack away all the straps when transferring from backpack to duffel though. Finally, I was definitely happy to see that the bag uses recycled high tenacity and ballistic materials. Excellent.


We’ve been testing out the Osprey bag on several hand luggage-only trips, including a month in Mexico and the US! Packing for a month away in just hand luggage felt a bit daunting at first, but this bag does sure fit a lot in.

The straps pack away nicely, but I did find the stowaway process quite tricky. Essentially, you need to fold and push it back in –  it’s certainly not a quick process. Compared to the Osprey Fairview, which opens the zip and the straps are away immediately, this is a bit more fiddly.

I would just note that this is a travel backpack,  it wouldn’t be so good for hiking or camping. But if it’s for a short trip and you haven’t got other technical bags, this would be good as a backup for a day trip.

This bag definitely impressed me with how much you can fit into it

This bag definitely impressed me with how much you can fit into it, especially having the extra pockets, compression straps, laptop compartment, and the easy access handles. You just have to pack it well enough but you can always find space and room to add more.

It’s a comfortable bag to wear, easy access to just shove on your back and head off on the travels.

Although this one doesn’t have a specific female fit, it still feels comfortable on your back, and having the vent is really handy. Chest and hip harnesses added as well gives you options to get comfortable, and feel secure when carrying.


This bag is perfect for those backpackers looking to travel hand luggage only and is unisex in style. It boasts plenty of options for pockets, but is equally small enough to use comfortably on your back when it is full.


Back panel

Includes ridge foam and a vented back panel, so in warmer environments the vent is great!


Osprey offers some really great neutral colour options for this pack.

Hideaway strap system

Can go from a backpack to carry hold-all. It being able to fold away is a super useful option too.


At £180, it can come across as pretty pricey, but I do find Osprey a reliable go-to. As a brand I find them easy to get on with and properly durable. Reliably expensive or expensively reliable, you might say.

The extra components on this bag really do make it alot easier to navigate packing and be systematic.

Osprey also offer a lifetime guarantee on their packs, which is obviously attractive and a pretty confident statement on their quality which I do also subscribe to.


This is a great duffle-style backpack that so far has been able to work as hand luggage on all flights I have taken. I do find the Fairview easier with the straps but I prefer the extra options on the Sojourn. Either way, Osprey has won me over.


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