Merging Two Lives: The Personal Journey of Hamish Frost

The challenges and triumphs of embracing sexuality in the outdoors

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Published Jul 21, 2023

Photographer Adam Raja

Base editorial team
BASE editorial team BASE writers and editors who live and breathe adventure every day. We love adventure storytelling as much as we love adventure itself.

© Adam Raja

With images capable of transporting us into the most dramatic moments in the outdoors, BASE Collective member Hamish Frost is one of Europe’s most talented mountain and adventure photographers. Almost since our magazine’s inception, his images have adorned our pages, including some of our favourite covers, from skiing in Arctic Norway on issue 03 to the brilliantly composed frame of Robbie Philips opening a new route on St Kilda which made the cover of issue 09.

In this new film Hamish offers an intimate and deeply personal account of his journey as a queer man living in Scotland. Encompassing his childhood and studies at the University of Glasgow, we join Hamish as he revisits the challenges and triumphs of embracing his sexuality and rediscovers his love for the great outdoors after a sports-related injury.

Exploring some of the struggles and triumphs of Hamish’s journey, the episode sheds light on the challenges faced, emphasising the significance of his experiences and the strength displayed in overcoming obstacles.

With the aim to transcend stereotypes, break down barriers, and highlight the resilience and triumphs of individuals in the face of adversity, the film showcases Hamish’s unwavering passion for capturing award-winning images of athletes pushing their limits in the most extreme mountain environments as he merges his two lives, forming new friendships along the way.

Join Hamish as he revisits the challenges and triumphs of embracing his sexuality

© Adam Raja

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