Sofia Jin

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Sofia is a British Korean presenter, content creator, and outdoor enthusiast. Passionate about telling stories that spark curiosity, you can find her hanging off mountainsides with camera in hand in hot pursuit of adventure, presenting extreme sports broadcasts or interviewing some of adventure’s most famous faces.

Sofia communicates her passion for the world around her and shares her stories of exploration through speaking, digital media and writing. From climbing frozen waterfalls in the Dolomites, diving in pitch-black ocean depths off the coast of Indonesia and successfully summiting Aconcagua, Sofia hopes to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones in the outdoors, a space which she firmly believes is for everyone.

  • Based: UK
  • Creative skills: Presenting, Writing
  • Interests: Climbing, Diving, Hiking

‘I’m passionate about working with people who are unafraid to disrupt what should be and represent what is, across all conversations and in all areas of society. I wonder, who will go there with me?’