The Happy Recluse

The cold is not for everyone, but it is for me

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Published Feb 25, 2021

Base editorial team
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“The cold is not for everyone, but it is for me.” Peter Devries is probably Canada’s best known surfer. Living on Vancouver Island with a plethora of cold water wave riding opportunity right on his doorstep, exploration is what has defined his career as a professional surfer. Along with photographer Jeremy Koreski, his long term partner in the mission to surf and photograph the best waves this coastline has to offer, Peter tells of his life as a happy recluse, at home in cold water. As is so often the case for surfing’s lesser known coastline’s finding what they’re looking for is rarely a simple endeavour. “We’ve seen some spots on this coastline that have so much potential,” he says. Getting them on the right day is a whole different story though.”

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