Review: SunGod Vanguards X POW Goggles

All-round snow goggles with a super-high quality, bright and distinctive lens

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Read time 5 mins

Published Jan 12, 2023

Author Martha Perry

Photographer Gaby Thompson

Martha Perry Martha Perry is a keen skier and trail runner based all year round in Morzine in the French Alps.

Our Verdict

All round good snow goggles with a stylish, and neat design with a good lens, but the fit isn’t for me.


Price £124
Lens Oversized, interchangeable anti-fog 4KO Polycarbonate impact and scratch resistant
Features Non-slip straps with triple layer foam


  • Very clear lens
  • Non slip strap which is easy to change
  • Flexi-frame


  • Frame too big, squashes my nose
  • When you wear with a helmet they push up onto eyes, makes you feel like the foam is too close to my eyes
  • Literally no idea how to change the lense, I’ve tried everything and i can’t take this lens off

What I’m Looking For

I spend a lot of the winter season skiing, in all conditions, so I’ll need a pair of googles with changeable lenses and straps that are comfortable for everyday use.

I always look for something with a vent or anti-fog and of course UV eye protection.

First Impressions

Love the colour of the lens, instantly named it the disco lens. Really colourful in the snow and shows up really well in photos!

I love the POW strap also. They are big goggles, with the branding right in the middle at the front.

The Test

I used these goggles for ski touring, it was early morning, around 8am, the light was up but the sun wasn’t on us. They were on my head on top of a beanie when ski touring up and were really comfortable. They didn’t move, annoy me or itch at all.

When descending, I wore them over my ski helmet. The sun wasn’t on the piste, so it was shadey piste conditions.

Who Are These Goggles For

I would say these are good goggles for an adult who has a larger size face, perhaps wider then mine. As I can’t understand how to change the lenses, I would not recommend these to someone who wants to use these goggles in different light conditions. They allow great peripheral vision as they are so  big but you would need to want that oversized goggle ‘look’.

What Stands Out


The colour of the lense is really great, it stands out so much in the snow and is really stylish.

You can customise the strap, lens and strap combination for free so you can come up with the best style to suit you.


The foam is really spongey and so is really comfortable against your skin.


The Sungod branding stands out on the lens in the centre at the top. This isn’t something I like with a product, I prefer much more subtle branding. So this would be good for someone who likes obviously branded items.

Oversized Lens

The goggle is really big, this is great for peripheral vision, but it means it’s not super comfortable on my face. The nose area squishes onto my nose as it is a round design.

Value For money

These are good value for money, coming in at under 150€.

The quality of the lens is fantastic for this price and it comes also with a lifetime guarantee.

It’s great also to be able to support the work of Protect Our Winters UK with this limited edition collaboration.


These goggles are advertised as ‘oversized’, and they’re not kidding. To be honest they aren’t the size or shape for my face and weren’t comfortable on my nose, but it comes down to personal preference and needs so I think they would be great for someone with a different shaped nose or face.

The strap is excellent, it’s easily changeable, doesn’t move when skiing or ski touring and looks great. I love the colour and clarity of the lense, it was great for the light conditions we skied in.

I would say to someone looking to buy this product that it’s important they try these on first due to the oversized look and feel. They are great value for money and would suit someone with a lower budget who likes a colourful stand out lens.

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