Review: Patagonia NetPlus Down Sweater

A high quality, durable jacket that’s also environmentally friendlier in its composition

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Published Dec 07, 2022

Photographer Francesco Guerra

Francesco Guerra
Francesco Guerra Adventure-driven outdoor photographer, born and raised in a Southern Italy city, Francesco discovered the mountains and the outdoor life only in his 20s, making his thirst for the outdoors and adventures unquenchable.

Our Verdict

The evergreen Patagonia Down Sweater is a high-quality, warm, reliable, durable and versatile jacket. With a ripstop shell is made from recycled fishing nets this is a great year-round go-to perfect for the environmentally conscious.

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Weight 369g
Features 100% postconsumer recycled nylon ripstop shell, additional loft and 800-fill-power, PFC-free DWR finish


  • Excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Highly windproof
  • Packs into its own pocket
  • Made using sustainable fabrics and components


  • Relatively pricey (but that’s the price of well-made environmentally friendly kit)

What I’m Looking For

I’m regularly outdoors in all four seasons, but my favourites are definitely autumn and winter. That means I need comfortable gear in unstable and cold weather. The main features that I look for in a mid-layer jacket are:

Warmth – Needless to say, the jacket needs to keep me warm. I really don’t want my teeth chattering while outdoors, and even if at times a bit of stress and jeopardy in the outdoors is fun, I really don’t need to push discomfort to a higher level than is necessary.

Packability – I’m often travelling fairly fast and light so being able to squeeze the jacket into a backpack whilst keeping space to a minimum is essential for me.

Fit – After 10 years of outdoor activities, you just understand how good is to have a piece of gear that fits you well in any circumstance. It just adds up to make the overall experience more enjoyable.

First Impressions

I am not particularly attached to any brand, and I make an effort not judge a piece of gear just because of a specific name or logo on it. But, I have to say, I’ve been following Patagonia for a while now, and have admired every move they made to fight climate change and pollution. I even read Yvon Chouinard’s book Let My People Go Surfing, which is full of great insight as to the ethics behind the Patagonia brand. I had expectations of the jacket, not only because of the brand, but also for the price: it’s not exactly cheap.

I’ve been following Patagonia for a while now, and have admired every move they made to fight climate change and pollution

The jacket is super soft to the touch, and you can really tell that it is made with high quality materials. I stretched it, compressed it, put in the backpack right under every other piece of gear and it just comes back as new. The zippers are well made too running smoothly no matter who hastily they’re open and closed.

The on-seam pockets are spacious enough and feel warm, the inside pockets are big and even the zippered chest pocket is big enough to fit a smartphone and other essentials. On the inside there is a repairs patch for on the go fixes in case the jacket tears out and about. It’s a great touch and a statement of intent from a brand keen to keep their garments in play as long as possible.

The Test

I had already planned a sunrise hike to the top of Monte Gallinola, part of the Matese massif, in  southern Italy. The peak’s summit sits at about 2,000m and known for being exposed to brutal wind most of the time.

I started out at about 6.30am, with the first beams of light hitting the mountain face and then continuing down the valley. I started off wearing just a t-shirt under the jacket, but I was warm and comfortable all the same. It wasn’t all that long before the sun came out fully and I had to take the jacket off. I squeezed it in my backpack, making no noticeable weight change for my shoulders.

Hiking up and passing the mountain ridge a strong wind started to blow from the south across the rugged flank of the mountain, shaking the otherwise still early morning landscape. I was glad to whip the jacket on again and again felt warm and totally protected – tstament to the jacket’s windproof properties.

Who is this jacket for?

The Patagonia Down Sweater needs no introduction, and it has defined its own jacket category. Whether you are an avid hiker, climber, or any kind of outdoor adventurer, this jacket will be your faithful companion. I would dare to say that it is warm enough to be used as a mid-layer even for skiing, ice climbing and winter hikes. And it looks great as a stand alone piece I certainly don’t feel overdressed wearing it more casually in social situations making it a really versatile and highly wearable option.

What stands out?


The ability of a jacket to keep the body warm is what primarily distinguishes a the good from the bad, and how the Down Sweater performs in this regard is just amazing considering its size and weight.


I’ve found that often I’d need a hardshell in stronger wind to keep warm, but this jacket is an effective windproof shield, keeping you warm and protected from chin to waist.


A trustworthy piece of gear that can fit into any backpack or clipped to a carabiner? Yes please!


Worn with a t-shirt it feels great against the skin, and overall it just feels great to wear. It allows for every movement you can do, following your body regardless.

Overall quality

The feeling to the touch is great, definitely superior to other jackets I have had in the past. Put to stress, the jacket doesn’t seem to suffer, meaning it can stretch or compress, and time and time again the jacket returns to shape.

Value for money

Selling at £250, this is definitely not a cheap jacket, and in the end the price will play a decisive role in the consumer’s choice.

Though, let’s keep in mind that even if it’s not a bargain, in the case of Patagonia you pay for what you get – a high quality piece of gear that will keep you warm and protected with an environmentally conscious approach to production and sourcing materials – in this case opting for recycled fishing nets.

BASE Bottom Line

Patagonia has built a name for itself around high quality gear, bold business decisions, and fighting for the climate and environment as well as supporting various other of social battles and charities.

The Down Sweater jacket encompasses all that: A high-quality, durable jacket made with the nylon from recycled fishing nets that does its job amazingly, keeping you warm and protected.

I will definitely keep using this jacket for many other outdoor activities. I’m now just waiting for snow to put it to the test on colder grounds.

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