Review: NYA Evo Fjord 60 Camera Backpack

One of the best camera bags for adventure photographers

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Published Jun 23, 2023

Photographer Jethro Kiernan

Jethro Kiernan North Wales based adventure photographer, happy being in or on the sea, lakes, mountains and crags usually with a camera.

Our Verdict

Could this be the ultimate adventure photographers backpack? Super tough and fully featured, for photographers demanding the very best from their packs. While the needs of each photographer are likely to be highly personal depending on exactly their demands, the Fjord pack from NYA Evo has got to be one of the best adventure photography backpacks available.

RRP €458
Volume 44-60l
Weight 2400g
Fabric High Tenacity Nylon 210 Denier Rip-stop fabric with thermoplastic polyurethane film on interior and water-repellent coating on exterior of the backpack.


  • Tough weather resistant outer and good protection for your electronics
  • Lots of adventure focused design features.
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Adjustable volume and interchangeable RCI units make it a very flexible camera bag
  • Recycled fabrics


  • Relatively heavy bag
  • Expensive compared to regular rucksacks (but not so expensive relative to similar camera bags)

What I’m Looking For

As a freelance mountain photographer I’m always playing around with different ways to carry my photography kit out in the hills, when going out specifically to get pictures using a range of lenses a dedicated camera backpack can be just the thing. I had been looking to review some camera backpacks for use in challenging mountain conditions and things don’t get much more challenging than winter in the Scottish mountains.

I’ve used camera back packs in the mountains before but have quite often packed gear in various pouches in my regular mountaineering rucksacks, but this does interrupt the flow of photography as the gear isn’t as accessible. I was looking to try a camera backpack for winter so it would have to carry a full winter kit of crampons, ice axes a scrambling rope and leave room for essential safety gear like bivvy shelter, first aid kit and plenty of clothing and do this whilst carrying well on steep winter terrain and weatherproof enough to protect my precious camera gear.

My personal preference on rucksacks is not to have too many bells and whistles, straps and pockets, I’m very much in the keep it simple school, however with camera bags, especially backpacks being able to organise things like laptops, batteries and cables and keep them segregated from wet jackets and potentially leaky flasks of coffee is not a bad idea so doing this in a clean and simple way is key for me.

It should be noted that this style of camera bag will often double up as travel bags to transport gear on planes and trains. In an ideal world I would like to see a camera bag with the functionality of a clean alpine style pack with an accessible RCI and a basic padded laptop sleeve inside with roll top closure, this is probably a niche too far.

Like many others I now like to see how sustainable my gear is, is it manufactured from materials that are recycled, is it manufacture ethically, is it going to last and is it repairable?

NYA-EVO is a relatively new player on the camera scene. Based in the Nordics they concentrate exclusively on a relatively small but focused range of adventure camera backpacks and it is obvious they have a passion for the outdoors and adventure sports.

First Impressions

First impression of the NYA-EVO Fjord 60 was that it looked tough and well built, the water-resistant zips with their zipper pulls resembling a rock #3 and the ECONYL material looked and felt like it was up to the job of getting in the hills.

The bag is a system, you order a RCI (removable camera insert) that suits your camera system needs, these can be ordered as a bundle with the backpack or ordered separately these are then fitted in the bag and the various supplied dividers are adjustable to suit your selection of lenses and cameras.

Although the Fjord can hold 60 litres, its base configuration is a plane friendly (possibly at the limit of some budget airlines) 44 litres that can be expanded both at the top and back to give a sixty litre capacity. 

The outside of the bag was pretty clean in appearance, compression straps either side that also double for tripods, walking poles etc, an expandable roll top and a series of YKK weather resistant zips.

Inside the bag there were various compartments. A large main compartment and the camera compartment that is accessed from the back via a large and sturdy zip. The lid also doubles as a wet/dry storage compartment and the bag has storage for  laptop, helmet, ice axe, snowboard/ski, snow shovel/probe and H20 system are all covered.

The Test

The plan was always to test some camera bags in winter preferably in Scotland, the maritime winter climate of Scotland is as harsh on your gear as anywhere on the globe and probably not so different to the Norwegian mountains that gave birth to NYA-EVO

Fortunately the bag arrived before a trip up to the Skye winter climbing festival, a quick shakedown early morning walk in Snowdonia let me play with the various packing options and use the comprehensive adjustments to get a good fit before filling it up with camera gear.

I packed a pretty comprehensive range of camera equipment for the trip, one Nikon Z6 body, three zooms, a couple of prime lenses and a Drone in addition to the spare batteries, a Lee filters kit and a 3 legged thing tripod

The vague plan was to be on the Cuillin ridge at sunset or sunrise for some winter mountain photography. Obviously the weather gods have the last say in the plans of photographers and mountaineers and Skye had always proved to be pretty temperamental with the weather.

The Cuillin ridge is one of the few true mountaineering playgrounds of the UK. It’s not one to taken lightly in the winter, so I’d need a full complement of winter clothing, emergency shelter, first aid kit and obviously crampons and ice axe.

The bag swallowed both my mountain gear and my camera gear, the outside was packed with a tripod, walking poles and an ice axe all without having to use the expansion zip.

I was already impressed with the bag but using it on the technical ground of the Cuillin it felt stable when climbing and scrambling, and the burly Econyl took a beating from the Skye Gabro. The weather resistant zips are functional with winter gloves and the RCI unit held all my camera gear and the drone, this the big advantage of the specific camera bag, your camera equipment is organised and ready to swap lenses and batteries without digging through the rest of your equipment.

The Cuillin ridge is one of the true mountaineering playgrounds of the UK and not one to taken lightly in the winter, so packing takes this into account a full complement of winter clothing, emergency shelter, first aid kit and obviously crampons and ice axe.

The bag swallowed both my mountain gear and my camera gear, the outside was packed with a tripod, walking poles and an ice axe all without having to use the expansion zip.

The Cuillin ridge is one of the true mountaineering playgrounds of the UK and not one to taken lightly in the winter

What Stands Out


I think the key standout for this bag is its versatility which it manages without making too many compromises when it comes to its adventurous nature. It’s stable and comfortable for big days out in the hills on steep terrain and has all the options for carrying mountain equipment as well as your camera gear. Having adjustable volume means it can be squeezed onto a plane as carry on, without compromising on space.

Technical Features

The Fjord’s ready for winter features are also a big selling point for me. This is the sort of bag you can see dealing with the Cairngorm plateau in full-on conditions. Reassuring when you’re packing a few thousand pounds worth of electronics.

The materials used are all really high spec, including, high tenacity nylon 210 denier rip-stop with thermoplastic polyurethane film on interior and water-repellent coating on exterior of the backpack.

There are some great smaller details too like the soft touch quick dry knitted fabric for all contact points to the body and the glove friendly aluminum zip pullers and Woojin® or Duraflex® plastic side release buckles.

Recycled Fabrics

The thought that has gone into sustainability with its use of recycled nylon from ECONYL should also be acknowledged.

Who is this Bag For?

NYAEVO bags are unashamedly designed for adventure photographers. But I’d go a step further and say they are designed for those who at some point will be playing in the white stuff.

Like most of this style of camera bag it is also got travel in mind, so is designed to get your camera, laptops, hard drives onto a plane and too your destination before the real adventure starts but NYA EVO leans towards the adventure side of functionality which is no bad thing.

The front pocket functions as a laptop sleeve but on the hill will take a snow shovel avalanche probe. There is also a helmet holder and plenty of attachments for ropes, ice axes, walking poles, tripods, skis, snowboards.

Participant photographers are the demographic for this bag, people who are immersed in the action that they are photographing/filming and need to carry pro level camera equipment into the hills without being slowed down too much.

Value for Money

There is no getting away from the fact that this style of adventure camera back pack is an expensive item. Result of construction complexity and quality of materials and also a reflection on a relatively small market for this style of camera bag. However if you are a keen photographer and outdoors person this bag will give you a lifetime of use and cover a wide range of mountain sports.

I would also say anyone who needs this bag will have already invested quite a sum of money on camera/video equipment and the price for this kind of bag is an investment in protecting your gear and ultimately getting the shot which is what it’s all about.

Bottom Line

One of the best camera bags for adventure photographers that is available on the market from newcomers on the scene NYA EVO, an investment for those who’ve already invested in some expensive camera gear. There is value in its versatility and its built to last.

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