Review: Haglöfs L.I.M. GTX Jacket 

Super light weight and highly packable thanks to GORE-TEX Paclite technology

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Published Dec 12, 2022

Francesco Guerra
Francesco Guerra Adventure-driven outdoor photographer, born and raised in a Southern Italy city, Francesco discovered the mountains and the outdoor life only in his 20s, making his thirst for the outdoors and adventures unquenchable.

Our Verdict

A very packable jacket for outdoor adventures in changeable conditions, made with one of GORE-TEX’s latest technologies.

RRP £230
Weight 450g
Features 2.5 layer Gore-Tex Paclite, reflective trims, athletic fit


  • Stable hood in gusty conditions
  • Zippers are water resistant
  • Side pockets for both ventilation or carrying personal objects
  • Packable: squeezing it in a backpack is very easy


  • Reflective trims on the sleeves are a bit poor
  • Not the lightest on the market at 450g
  • No hood or cuff adjustment, only elasticated.

What I’m Looking For

Whether shooting photos, out on a day hike or a proper multi-day adventure, what I’m looking for is kit that helps me pus that bit further. Taking one more shot even if conditions are getting worse or reaching that not-so-distant peak despite the challenging conditions. Fighting against that voice in my head that tells me to turn back when things start to get rough, to find that serendipitous moment found only in such conditions.

I embrace the philosophy that we can find bliss in distress, but of course I need the right gear that can allow me to push myself without too much discomfort. I don’t want to get to the point that whatever I’m doing outdoors becomes totally unbearable. When it comes to rain jackets, I value three main things: breathability, packability and wearability.

I run warm, so moving in the mountains I tend to overheat pretty fast, which means the possibility to adjust the breathability of my jacket and dump excess heat is crucial. I will most likely be carrying a backpack with my camera gear or at least the essentials for a day hike. So having a jacket that can be squeezed in without taking too much room is very important too. Last but not least, I want a rain jacket that fits me well and that allows me to put a mid-layer underneath when the weather gets colder.

I tend to overheat pretty fast, so having the possibility to adjust the breathability of my jacket and dump excess heat is crucial

First Impressions

The jacket presents itself well: lightweight, looks very packable, and touching it, the impression is of good quality fabric.

The zips are very well made, they don’t jam at all, and the pockets are just the right dimensions to fit the essentials.

On the inside the feeling is the same: just watching and touching at the silver inside of the jacket you can feel it will keep water and wind out. After all, just the GORE-TEX logo printed on the bottom right side of the jacket is a warranty of those qualities.

The test

I received the jacket in July, when here is Italy the hot weather was raging at almost 40°C. I carried it with me through August and September too, but with heavily dry and hot days it was very difficult to find weather to properly put it to the test.

So I decided to put the jacket in three different environments to check how it would perform: Matese Mountains, where the winds are often strong, even on the calm days. Valle del Torano, where there is thick vegetation, streams and overall wet and humid conditions. My shower, where I could test just how waterproof the jacket really is.

I decided to put the jacket in three different environments to check how it would perform

Who Is This Jacket For?

As Haglöfs states on their website, the jacket is designed with hiking in mind. Additionally, I would say that even for the rainy days in the cities the Haglöfs L.I.M. GTX  jacket is a great option. Thanks to its light weight and packability, it’s a good item to keep in the backpack, ready to pull out if the conditions suddenly turn.

Overall, it is a jacket for simple adventure activities, designed with a simple concept in mind: less is more.

What Stands Out


For me, including a waterproof in my pack almost at all times is a necessity, so being able to do so barely noticing the added weight or space is super useful. The L.I.M certainly meets the requirements in this department.


Designed with mesh lining, the pockets are great for both carrying the essentials or to simply let the air pass into the main body of the jacket.

Elasticated hood and cuffs

The elasticated hood fits pretty snug on my head and stays put in strong winds. I found the cuffs fit ok, not perfectly. This is a place they manage to strip some weight and ensure the jacket packs down so small, but if you are looking for adjustable hoods and cuffs, then I’d consider other options.

Wind and Waterproofing

Needless to say, this is what the jacket is designed for, and it meets expectation.

Value For Money

At £230, the Haglöfs L.I.M. GTX jacket is a good choice if you are after a mid-level jacket that can keep you dry on fast and light, active outdoor activities in variable conditions.

It lacks some basic adjustments so this could be a pain point for those who like or need to have hood or cuffs set in a precise position. The GORE-TEX Paclite technology is great for those who prioritise size and weight, but may not suit those expecting particularly harsh conditions.

BASE Bottom Line

Since autumn is in full swing, when hiking in the mountains having a reliable backup to keep you dry and protected by the wind becomes fundamental.

This jacket is designed for simple adventures, and pushing yourself further with less. If you are looking for a straight forward jacket that is simply well made, without anything too technical, that does the job it is designed for, then the Haglöfs L.I.M GTX jacket is made for you.

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