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A Day in the Life of a Balance Biker

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Published Feb 01, 2020

Author Leo Bodkin

Leo Bodkin Leo is a three year old adventure writer, balance biker, skier and occasionally a little shit. His favourite trails are Ashton Court and Leigh Woods in Bristol.

Get your shoes on, put your hoody on, have you been on the potty? Same lines, every day, don’t they get tired of it?! Does my head in.

This so called ‘adventure’ stuff is wearing pretty thin. These days it’s as much about keeping everyone happy as it is getting out there. That’s not why I chose this path.

Just this morning, I stumble down the stairs all bleary eyed. It’s rest day and I’m ready for a solid Peter Rabbit session, but Mum and Dad are bouncing off the walls. There’s a pile of kit by the door. I spot the helmets, Dad’s mountain biking gloves, big sis’ is already in the van and and I’m pretty sure my bike isn’t where I left it. I brace myself for the inevitable nagging. Yup, it’s yet another day on the trails I guess.

Get your shoes on, put your hoody on, have you been on the potty? Same lines, every day, don’t they get tired of it?! Does my head in.

Soon enough though, I’m in the back of a van with a bag of Haribo in my lap. Is this bribery? I’m pretty sure this is what Mum was having a go at Dad about the other night. I’ve been had.

To be fair now we’re out here, I guess I’m pretty keen. Mum opens the door and I’m out of that booster seat straight jacket like a shot. I hate that thing, so undignified.

Right, give me the bike then. I jump on and I am off round the car park, on my warm up laps. Push, push, glide. I have this nailed and I am pretty fast, Dad keeps telling me. Sure there are some faint shouting to slow down from Mum but I don’t give a monkeys. I’m off.

We’re off down the trail but pretty quick it’s just muddy grass. This is a complete mission. Who’s idea was this anyway? Bet it was Dad’s. Mum keeps having a go at him for stupid ideas. This is a stupid idea. ‘We get across this bit and then its going to be soooo much more fun,’ says Dad. Well it’s not fun now, it’s rubbish and I am tired. He gets off his bike and pushes me. Serves him right.

A little further on it’s puddles galore. Now it’s a good idea. This is frickin’ amazing! I’m going super fast, lifting my feet up and nailing it through all of them. Water splashing everywhere, it could not be better. Mum’s moaning about my new trainers but Dad’s already laughing. He’s really into the puddles . I guess getting muddy isn’t just for kids. Anyway, it’s way better around the corner according to Dad, but off goes the bribery alarm. What’s better than ramming a balance bike into a deep, muddy puddle?

I spot the trail before my sister and she’s left for dust. Sure she has pedals but I can kick her ass on this thing. I’m flying. Over rollers, round berms, through puddles. Dad’s hooting behind me like I don’t know how great it is. I know how great it is. This is the best thing ever, especially when I go really fast. I hit a puddle on a corner and my back wheel slides out. No stress, I re-adjust, nail the skid and it’s back on. Hope he’s taking notes back there.

Mum keeps shouting to slow down and wait but Dad’s still laughing so we keep going. I am not stopping anyway, there’s too much fun to be had. And what three-year-old listens to their parents anyway?

Uh-oh. I hit something and I’m flying. Through the air this time and not on the bike. I’m straight over the bars, hands out, straight into the gravel and mud. Waterworks turned on full, now this is rubbish.

I get a big cuddle from Dad, and I add some sniffs for good measure. I push out my palms hoping he’ll rub them better. Now I’m not interested one bit.

There are some leaves by the side I can kick which is pretty cool but Dad is back hassling me to get on the bike. He reckons it’s even better round the corner. Classic line. I’ve heard that before, and look how it turned out. I am done, you’re going to have to carry me big lad and I want a shoulder carry, not a piggy-back. I don’t care that you have a bad shoulder or how far it is.

Mum and sis catch up and out come the snacks. I am still pretty peeved but the Mini Cheddars do taste good. Mum’s back at the old bribery thing. She offers chocolate if I get on the bike. To be fair, it doesn’t hurt that much, I like the bike and I like chocolate. I am winning on this one, right? Ok let’s go! Oh, but give me the chocolate first, or I am not moving anywhere!

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