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Issue 09 / autumn 2022 explores the power of connections in adventure and the outdoors.

Adam Raja talks candidly about the challenges of adolescence, coming of age in the suburbs of Glasgow; Carmen Kuntz explores the complex and important role of hunters and how, in Slovenia, they enabled the reintroduction of the lynx. Will Birkett recounts an expedition to the Hebridean archipelago of St Kilda in Atlantic Rock, and Matt Glenn writes candidly about his own battles with mental health and the role alpine environments have played throughout his life.

Tom Grant recounts how introducing skiing to a local team of porters in Pakistan, bonded an international team; and we experience the powerful bonds of community following the Women’s Komoot Torino-Nice Rally. You’ll learn how to navigate the open oceans by the stars in William Thompson’s fantastic guide, and Hannah Dines discusses what it means for open spaces to really be open and the barriers that still exist for disabled people accessing our coastlines.