Iberian Coast to Coast

Cycling from Girona to Portugal – 1200km in 56 hours

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Published May 15, 2020


As a female producer and filmmaker within the adventure sports world, last year I undertook one of my most challenging and rewarding projects yet, an incredible journey with my good friend and Ultra Cyclist, Jack Thompson.

I first met Jack in Girona late in 2019 where he was touring his first film ‘The Grand Tours Everesting Project.’ His bold and ambitious plans opened my eyes towards this new and exciting project, GP-1200.

As a mental health advocate Jack highlights a very power message through his crazy ventures, that message being that it’s ok not to be ok. Paired with his passion for cycling and his apparent lack of limits made for the perfect character and a perfect adventure. In early October, 2019, we set off from Girona, Spain on a non stop journey, to Caramulo, Portugal.

Not only was the adventure a monster for Jack, but a monster for the entire team involved. After the first long day, it was 3am and time for the crew to pull over for the night. But Jack was just warming up and instead pushed on into the night.

After just 40 minutes of sleep, we took off in the search for Jack, eager not to miss a minute of footage. Rounding a long dark bend in the middle of the woods, we found Jack, back against a wall taking a 20 minute power-nap on the stairs to a small cathedral. Stuffing his face full of food, and slipping on another layer of clothing, Jack re-mounted his bike and continued west.

Jack rode for a total of 56 hours, covering 1,200km and 11,910m of elevation.  A beautiful and challenging journey designed to once again remove the stigma attached to mental health, GP-1200 tells our story.

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