From Scilly to Shetland via the Best of British Adventure

A bikepacking adventure between The Scilly Isles and Shetland to experience the best of British adventure

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Published Sep 16, 2021

Base editorial team
BASE editorial team BASE writers and editors who live and breathe adventure every day. We love adventure storytelling as much as we love adventure itself.

Cycling the length of the UK is a pretty common feat for adventurers and it’s something we’re used to hearing about in the context of racing and record breaking rides. Aaron Rolph however, does things a little differently.

Travelling between the furthest reaches of the British Isles, Aaron starts 45 km southwest of Land’s End on the Isles of Scilly with his sites on Shetland a mere 2700km away. His aim though isn’t to set a record or even do it as fast as he possibly can. Instead, he looks to experience as much adventure his homeland has to offer along the way, from surfing on the coast of Cornwall to skiing in the Scottish Highlands in an adventure fresh out of lockdown that he calls The Great Escape.

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