Lisa Paarvio

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About Lisa

Lisa Paarvio is a Finnish pro photographer, outdoor adventurer and storyteller who has spent the last decade travelling the world, capturing moments of transcendent beauty.

From the Arctic tundra to the windy north shores of Oahu, high alpine peaks to dense Scandinavian forests, these wild locations call to Lisa both as a place for personal adventure, and as an office, where the walls are the far horizon. From these travels, and shoots she showcases her talent for visual storytelling, creating images that linger in the mind, and inspire exploration.

Over the last decade, Lisa has shot international campaign, and content projects for high profile clients in the outdoor, action sports, automotive, food/ drink and fashion industry.

  • Based: Spain
  • Creative skills: Photography, Writing
  • Interests: Climbing, Hiking, Running, Skiing, Surfing

I shoot the things my heart beats for: action sports, nature, lifestyle and outdoor adventures.


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