A Climbing Movement with Rotimi Odukoya

An organically grown black climbing community with an emphasis on empowerment

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Published Jan 20, 2021

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26 year-old Rotimi Odukoya from South London is fascinated by movement.

“You look at kids, from such a young age they can move their whole body weight with just their hands,” Rotimi explains. “It’s something we intrinsically know how to do. We don’t have to think about it, no one has to tell us how to do it. We just do it and I’ve always loved that.”

In 2019, he created Clmbxr, an organically grown black climbing community with an emphasis on empowerment. Now, they’re making an impact within the London climbing scene, bringing diversity to the climbing wall and encouraging more and more people to get involved in the sport of climbing.

“People saw that black people were climbing and they said, hey I wanna join you guys,” he says. “It’s a crew, it’s friends, it’s just people coming together to enjoy themselves and to meet new people.”

Find out more about Clmbxr here.

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