Video Presenter

Are YOU the New Face of BASE?

Have you ever looked at YouTube, Instagram or TikTok adventure videos and thought ‘I’d LOVE to have a go at that!’? Well, at BASE we have big plans. Chief among them is our plan for video.

Our mission is to help people be more adventure active. Do more exciting things. Do more outdoors. Do more with like-minds.

To help achieve this we’re going to be creating A LOT more video. Guides, how-tos, hacks, gear reviews and challenges. Oh and interviews with inspirational adventure characters too. And we want to put our BASE community at the heart of that.

We’re looking for passionate members of the BASE community to present videos on our soon to be revamped channels.

Filming will mostly be in or around our central Bristol-based studio, working closely with the in-house BASE production, editorial and creative teams as well as contributors like our BASE Collective.

To start with, we anticipate that this will be a couple of days filming per month. AND it will be paid.

You don’t necessarily have to have huge amounts of experience but you do need:

  • A clear and obvious passion for adventure and helping people
  • Confident, warm and friendly presenting style
  • Good starting knowledge of adventure activities (you don’t need to be an expert)
  • An interest in making effective, popular videos
  • A willingness to muck in and get stuff done

Interested? Chomping at the bit? Excellent.

What you need to do to enter:

Send us a simple showreel or freshly filmed video clip which should contain the two following elements:

  1. Demonstrate your favourite bit of adventure gear and why you think it’s brilliant
  2. Describe the best adventure you ever had

It doesn’t need to be long at all. 60-90 seconds is quite enough! You can absolutely film this on mobile too if you prefer. Send us the file via WeTransfer, Dropbox or a similar file-sharing tool to [email protected] by 10 Nov 2022.

In your accompanying email, tell us a bit about yourself, your experience and include links to any online work we should look at. That’s it! We can’t wait to see your entries!

Yours in adventure, The BASE team!